Hello ~ I am so thrilled that you stopped by.

Let me tell you my little story about how this blog came to be.

It goes back to when I was a young girl........
I was {possibly self proclaimed} the official photographer of our family vacations. We took alot of vacations but the one that stands out most ~the one that really gave me the taste for photography~ was our trip to the Grand Canyon. I can recall inching as far out on the ledge as I could get (without falling into that big hole) in hopes of getting That Great Shot.

My mom won me my first camera from a radio station giveaway. It was bright red...I called it The Tomato.

I got a lot of use from that free red camera.

Then my parents bought me a new camera for Christmas one year ~ in my early married life when going to Dairy Queen was a luxury. It was a 35 mm Canon Sure Shot.

I got a lot of use from that camera as well.

A lot.

I took many photos..........mostly landscape and later of my babies but I had never got "artistic" with my photography.

Until last year when two things happened

* I started blogging


* I got my first digital camera The Canon Powershot SD790IS

This Christmas I got my first SLR ~the Nikon D40. I named it Nikolai.
I wanted to start this 365 photo blog at the start of the New Year but I shattered my wrist on New Year's Day instead.

All photography was halted since I couldn't even hold the camera.
But now I am starting to be able to push that little button again.
And my photography blog can actually happen.

I am very excited about it because it will give me that incentive to pick up my camera every day.

To look at things from a different vantage point.

To find beauty where I may least expect it.

I would be thrilled....sincerely thrilled....if you would follow along as I try to do this. I hope that you will be able to see progress as I tune my senses and my camera experience. I'm hoping that Nikolai and I become the best of friends.

Right now I know nothing of aperture....shutter speed....et cetera
except that they exist.
However, I am taking some photography classes in April to familiarize myself with all that.

But I know that more than anything,
the way to improvement is practice.

So~ practice I will.

I plan to post my first photo on the first day of spring.

Hope to see you then~~~


Lori said...

Chasity, how fun and exciting for you...i look forward to seeing your photos here:)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alleluiabelle said...

Oh sweet friend this is sooo exciting! I look forward to coming here a lot as I love photography too and like to take pictures. Our stories are similar in that I've always been the one who carries my camera everywhere I go and snap whenever something or someone catches my eye. It's so much fun. I'm not professional in any sense, but I believe it takes a good eye to capture the full essence of what you want.

Again, I'm excited for you and I look forward in stopping in a lot...I hope you can teach me things along the way as well my friend.

Love you,

Bernie said...

I am so happy for you, you must follow your passion Chasity, life is just so short not too.
I hope to see all of your lovely photo's.
Much success, love and happiness....:-) Hugs

Unknown said...

that's wonderful! welcome to the blogging world! i look forward to seeing your photos. are you taking an online class? susan

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

oooohhhhhhh!! I'm so excited. I think (what I've already seen of) your photos are just gorgeous.

You go girl!!

Blondiensc said...

This sounds like fun! good luck~

Heart2Heart said...

Congratulations on starting something new and something you have had a passion for for quite some time. I am sure that this blog will bless many who pass by here.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lisa said...

Oh how exciting sweetie!! I love your blog as it is and you have the best pics! Now there will be 2! I cannot wait for spring!
Hugs, Lisa

Unknown said...

Yeah!!! I am thrilled to follow along...

:) T

Victoria Hayden said...

Chasity...so happy to be here on this beautiful blog!! I love photography and am in the process of buying a new camera. I had looked at the Nikon D40, but I think my husband is leaning more towards the Canon Rebel DSLR...excited to get it and see what a difference it will make. I will be following along on this journey with you and learning as I go to. How fun! Sorry to hear of your injury...hoping your doing better. Thank you for sharing your story...so sweet. :)

Hugs to you friend,

Dear Lillie said...

Can't wait to follow your blog! Love the photos in your header!

Katie said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi =)
I too am an amateur photog - I have a few posted on my blog - with more to come.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

So exciting! Stopping by from SITS. :)

Have a great week.

Pony Girl said...

Our cameras are sisters! ;) Glad your wrist is better and can't wait to see what beautiful shots you share with us!! :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

So happy you're going to show your pics to us all!

Have fun with it!!

BTW, I adore feeling even just a teeny bit a part of Shauna's journey... ;)


Carrie said...

Looking forward to seeing your shots :)

Visiting from SITS

Unknown said...

Stopping by from SITS

Did I stumble upon a very first post? That's so exciting. Can't wait to share in your journey.

Linda said...

Hi, Stopping by from SITS. I am so excited for you. You will have so much fun taking pictures with your new camera. I have been taking pics. since I was 9 years old. I love it so much. My blog is full of my creations. Please take a look, all the way back to older posts.

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Welcome to you. I hope your adventure is full of fun. Stopping by from SITs.

Mikal said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog... can't wait to see all your stuff, and hear what you've learned. I am saving for a new camera, but need to take a class too... love how photography speaks to us on so many levels.

Have a beautiful day,


Jeanne Oliver said...

Have fun with it!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great.What an unbelievable photographer you are.Im so glad to be with you on this journey of photo taking.Have fun and enjoy!