This weekend I visited my childhood town and drove by the house where I grew up
that I hadn't seen since my grandmother past away.

What memories came flooding back as I saw all these old places.

I'm glad that the old house is being taken care of but it was hard to see the changes.
I would never want to see the inside of the house.
In my mind...it is exactly how we left it and I'd like it to remain that way.

My sister and I drove through the old neighborhood....reminiscing about who lived where.
We spent quite a bit of time looking at our old school and remembering our past in those hallowed halls.

I felt like I was seven again ~coasting down the streets on my bike~
and taking both hands off the handlebars to raise them above my head.

Ahhh....the carefree life of childhood.

When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed
but your childhood.
~Sam Ewing


Tee said...

I also miss the days of you girls being little. Your post made me all "misty eyed". We had some great times in that school and in our house. You know it will always be "our house".
Love You,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your visit and for your very kind comment. What a treat to visit yours as well. Looks like we've got some things in common on our blogs. I look forward to more!

don said...

The school house name and date make a fine picture to accompany your nostalgic look into the past. Nicely done.

Traci said...

Sounds like your visit was maybe bittersweet? Love the arch and when buildings are dated.
By the way, I don't have a recommendation for a macro unless you have unlimited funds. This is not the case for me...
but, if I do find one (reasonable), I'll be sure to let you know!

lolo said...

Good memories will never be forgotten. I've just gone through the previous comments, and your Mom is definitely right. It will always be your house...in your hearts! I think we have something in common today. I'm missing ours so much too.

Bernie said...

I was married and my children were born and my husband is buried in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful spot in a valley, I will go back there one day to lay beside my husband.
I bet you and your husband really enjoyed your days and memories. Loved the photo. Many prayers for Shauna and family.....:-) Hugs

Leah C said...

It is fun to revisit places from our past! I often find myself waxing nostalgic for "the good old days":)

Unknown said...

oh, those old familar places! hope all is well! susan

Levi said...

Beautiful photo.

The Strawberry Mallard said...

oh chasity.....yea, the memory lane trip....hard road to travel on,and am right behind ya now...very difficult, but very beautiful pic!

Hugz from Nancy & G-Dog

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful and melancholy post. I so often long to go home, to the lost home of childhood days.

Yashar said...

beautiful texture and composition.

the wild raspberry said...

I did the same thing Sunday after the Olathe gospel meeting...first we took the kiddos by our old apartment, then on to the houses I was raised in. First the house I was living in when my mom died, then grandma's house. It was very bitter sweet. I dream of one or the other of those houses weekly, sometimes nightly. Childhood is never far behind us.
Love you Chas!

Rick said...

Great story, and photo. Nostalgia's a wistful thing, isn't it. That quote at the end is very poignant. I had the opportunity to visit my childhood hometown (in the Netherlands) 2 years ago - walked the road to the old home a few times all by myself, lost in childhood!