Iris at Sunset

...Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that.
~Howard Thurman


Some of you have asked about the flowers in my photos.
Almost all of them are from my garden.
I used to work at a botanical garden before becoming a stay home mommy.

They are definitely a passion of mine.

Hope you enjoy them too.


Kala said...

Beautiful light and bokeh!

sherri said...

The sunlight shows how delicate the petals are. It's penetrating through.

Regina said...

Its beautiful!

Jayne said...

Beautiful iris. The striped petals look almost painted.

Colleen said...

The light in this picture is wonderful.

georgia b. said...

oh, you must have a beautiful yard! i love irises! they used to be my favorite flower. i had them in my yard when we owned our home. you have captured this one beautifully... perfect time to take an iris photo, with the sun making it glow like that.

Unknown said...

Beautiful lighting! Love the shining iris!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

They are beautiful, Chas, and so are your photos. :-)

Leah C said...

Absolutely enjoy them!! Lovely photo once again:)

Serline said...

Lovely subject, accented by the play of light and shadows. I like it!

Marcie said...

Exquisite color and detail. Beautiful!!!

Kim, USA said...

Iris is beautiful! This just remind me to take a picture of my orange Iris. Great shot and happy weekend!

MacroFlower-A Rose

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

such beautiful lightning in your photo. Iris are so graceful in pictures don't you think. So much detail would be missed if not in macro. I've never visited here before so hello and you're welcome over at my place too. :) Rosie

Carolyn Ford said...

Such nice color and light! Ohhh, the bokeh...fabulous!

Maia T said...

Beautiful Iris macro.
You can join the Macro Flowers Saturday list any time, as soon as you link back.

Gena D said...

Another fantastic iris shot - love it!!!
Gena D
Thinking Aloud

Petals and Paws Photography said...

Hi there sweets!!! Thank you for commenting on my nieces image.

I love her so much...

here is my link on flickr if you would like to see some of my flowers, and cats, and other images speckled throughout.

I have been taking alot of pictures of my cats becaues I had knee replacement surgery and have been bed bound since May 11th. I just started getting up and aruond about 4 days ago.. WOO HOOO -

Anyways - I need to share somthing rather important about your images.

I am hoping you have an email that I can see! (I don't want to say here in public.) If you want to private message me on flickr, you can do that.

here is my flickity flick flickr.

the name is different because this is my old name - the new name is P to the 3rd! (petals and paws photography).

Alos, which lens did you use to shoot this Iris?

100MM Macro? 85MM? Your bokeh is insane!!

...and thank you so very much for stopping at my blog - As you can see, I am VERY new to the blog thing, and my page is limited in quantity - but hopefully not challenged quality wise!