Spring Waters

The world turns softly not to spill its lakes and rivers.
The water is held in its arms and the sky is held in the water.
What is water that pours silver and can hold the sky?
~Hilda Conkling

I don't remember much of my childhood~~poor memory is all that I can say.
But I can remember my mother gathering cattails.
I thought they were quite magical.

I still hold to that belief.


Gena D said...

These are those reedy grasses, hey Chas??? Lovely processing - makes the sky look all "weathered" if you get my point!!!
Gena D
Thinking Aloud

Alisa Noble said...

Nice! Makes me want to go fishing. :)

Tee said...

I had forgotten about that. I guess your memory is inherited from me, because mine is bad too.
I do remember that I sprayed the cat tails with hairspray and put them in a flower arrangement. They stayed nice for quite a while. I bet that 4 little girls played with them. I have to admit they are hard not to touch. I doubt that I got upset, or at least you don't remember me getting upset. Just that 1 time. :)
Love you,

Leah C said...

I see cattails and it makes me think of Long Island...where I was born:) Thanks for reminding me of some of my own sweet memories!

Kala said...

Lovely treatment!

Beverly said...

this is beautiful

Tracy said...

The world turns softly...*sigh*... Turning softly to smile at this lovely post. I don't recall many details of my childhood either. As I grow older some of the memories fade. It was a good time though. A faint golden glow in my mind when I wander down memory lane tells me so. :o)