Sunshine Through the Rain

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony D'Angelo

Aren't peonies the most wonderful flowers to photograph?
So soft and layery.
And it smells so good when you get right into them.




Bernie said...

One of my favorite flowers definitely my favorite color, I love pink! Many prayers for Shauna and family.....:-) Hugs

Diane - Daily Walks said...

I just looked through all your lovely work. There is a sensitivity and artfulness that comes through in each piece. Thank you, Chasity.

I will definitely keep your sister and your family in my prayers. Wishing all of you the best.

georgia b. said...

my, my! what a bright, bold, vivid shot! beautiful color!

Unknown said...

Great photograph Chas..
Love the soft colors.
I think i can smell it too.
Have a great weekend.

Kala said...

Gorgeous, dreamy image.

Anonymous said...

Love this and love peonies! They are so luscious.

Traci said...

Peonies are a favorite of mine too! Down here in the south, they call them "pea - ownies". Isn't that funny?
Incredible SOOC image!

the wild raspberry said...

What a beautiful photo, and beautiful quote. They both make me think of Shauna.

Alisa Noble said...

Oh how I love this! So gorgeous!

Regina said...

Very pretty!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Gorgeous! I love them. Wish I could grown them in Florida. XO