All Ears

Silence is a sounding thing,
to one who listens hungrily.
~Gwendolyn Bennett

I loved this little donkey and his grumpy look.
I know that the photo is a bit fuzzy...but I couldn't help posting it.
He is just too cute.

He soon walked away~ with a solemn glare.

And now.....

The Winner of my 100 follower giveaway is~~

Tricia from
Bluff Area Daily

Choose what photo you would like made into a canvas.
We can talk via email about addresses....
Thanks to everyone who played along!
I wish I could give a print to each of you.
I really do mean it.

You are amazing and encouraging.
Thank you.




Unknown said...

He is posing patiently.

Bernie said...

Congratulations to Tricia, she will love it.
That poor donkey looks like he needs a good home.....lol
Have a great week Chas, many prayers for Shauna.....:-) Hugs

Kala said...

such a sweet capture (even if he was grumpy).

Anonymous said...

HOW AWESOME ARE YOU!!! Thank you so very very much! I'm not sure I can pick just one LoL! I'm gonna have to think about it & I'll let you know later this evening


Thanks again

Unknown said...

another great shot, I just love his grumpy face!

Congrats to Tricia... Lucy Girl!

RURAL said...

Grumpy or not, he looks cute to me.

Congrats to Tricia! What a great giveaway you held.


Tracy said...

Congrats to Tricia! Very sweet donkey! Donkeys do have a bit of a grumpy expression, don't they? Think Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh ;o) Happy Day, Chas ((HUGS))

Traci said...

Too funny! Congrats to Tricia!

Rosie @ Centre of Interest said...

He's a cutie

Jamie said...

This funny donkey makes me smile

Unknown said...

I love him too! I love his big floppy ears! He makes me think of a book I had as a child where the donkey always got his ears caught on things.

Naquillity said...

congrats Tricia on your win. and Chasity thanks for allowing us to participate.

i agree with you. this donkey is definitely cute. i think he looks a bit sleepy eyed too. hope all is well.