Ready to Rev

The greatest dreams are always unrealistic.
~Will Smith

I stopped in at a car show the other day....
their was so much chrome and shine.
It could even make a girl drool.

I apologize now for not knowing the make or model or year of this beauty~
Actually...I know that it was a Ford.
That's the extent of my knowledge.
Sorry to disappoint the car lovers out there~
it's usually the color and style that gets my attention.
I have no loyalties to any particular maker.

I did see my dream car there...it was exactly what I've been dreaming of~
A big vintage truck that was converted to a four door....
you know~ to fit the whole fam
~wood runners in the back~

It was appraised that day

make a guess.....


{{sigh again}}


a girl can dream.



Rick said...

We should have kept the classic cars of our youth - would make a tidy nest egg now, but who would've thought some of those cars would be worth so much today ! Lovely story to go along with your nostalgic photo !

I hope things are going better for Shauna these days - still in our prayers.

Kala said...

Wonderful DoF and focus. Some of those old cars sure are pretty ... but ouch! that price tag.

darlin said...

Cool photo and you bet a girl can dream, without our dreams we'd be a darn boring lot now wouldn't we? :-)

Justine said...

I love how you have captured this, a fantastic depth of field, such an interesting angle

Leah C said...

Cool photo! My husband wants a '55truck {I can't think of which one} some day...I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny, too:)

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy... $75,000! YiKeS!

Tracy said...

Oooo... PRETTY! Pretty hefty price tag too... OUCH! LOL! I love vintage cars. We saw a vintage car parade earlier this summer--such fun! Thanks for the welcome... London was nothing short of amazing! It is the best city--I can easily daydream of living there...*sigh*...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Hope said...

I know that feeling well.. I will see a really cool car.. come home and tell the famliy.. they always ALWAYS ask.. well what type of car was it.. all I can say is well it was this color.. had this or that..all I know is that I liked it.
really like the prespective you captured here..
have a great day..
oh and 75,000.. think I would have no doubt fainted.

Unknown said...

Love classic cars Bikes too!!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I'd rather see the cars from angles as in the pic you posted today...cars don't hold a lot of charm for me on the whole. Five wheels and an engine is all I need...well, four wheels and a steering mechanism! Drool on, though, as long as you keep posting the cool pics!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo!! I like pretty much anything vintage, and some of those old cars are just so elegant looking. You captured the elegant, vintage feel very well!

Bernie said...

On my bucket list is a '67 candy apple red convertible.....like you I only know the designs and colors that I like. Many, many prayers for Shauna and big hugs to you and your family......:-)Hugs

Lisa said...

I have to say I dont know much about cars but do love the image.

Jamie said...

Love the Will Smith quote