Sometimes our hearts get tangled
And our souls a little off-kilter
Friends and family can set us right
And help guide us back to the light.
~Sera Christann


I am officially to the half way point on my 365 days.
My how time flies.
And I wasn't sure I could find this many things to photograph
but amazingly....
there is always something interesting around the corner
if we but open our eyes.


freerangegirl said...

Beautiful photos as always! Well done on the half way mark x

Lisa Gordon said...

This is so interesting. The texture and light are amazing. Wonderful photograph.

Jamie said...

Congrats on reaching the halfway point! Lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us that veiw from around the corner, I await the next turn. AJ

Bernie said...

Half a year and each picture so different and interesting. This one is great, I aways wonder what your next picture will be and you never disappoint. Many prayers for sweet Shauna.......:-) Hugs

darlin said...

Chas, congrats on your first half way mark. I was like you, thought that I'd never find something each and every day to take photos of and then (as you mentioned) I opened my eyes and started to see the beauty around me. I started to see the hilarious things clearer, the sad and the happy moments which can be captured. Today I've now in my second year of P365, I purchased a Rebel XSi last November, a new point and shoot and I love taking photos now. Who would have thought! What worries me is if I stop seeing what I see today, that will be a sad day!

One day you'll look back and wonder where the last 2 years went to and look back on your posts! :-)

I love the quote, I'm going to "borrow" that one if you don't mind. I want to print it out and put it on my fridge or cork-board as a reminder.


Justine said...

congratulations on being half way through! I love your quote and your photograph, looking forward to the next half of your 365.

Unknown said...

What a tangle indeed bet this would look great in B+W

lizziviggi said...

Beautiful photo-- you have the gift of opening your eyes and seeing beauty where others might not. I loved the accompanying quote, and found it comforting and appropriate to my mood today. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I love seeing tangles in nature. My mom has an affection for them too. :) Hoping all is well there. :)

Anonymous said...

I did a 365 project too two years ago. It's on http://kilelong.blogspot.com.

I thought about resurrecting the blog and doing another 365 project, but I don't know what to focus on.

Great blog.

Tracy said...

Look at the rough, old wood! Great work on your half way to 365... it's been wonderful to see. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

what a beautiful subject! The roots go every which way; it's gorgeous!

Rick said...

Congrats Chas ! It's simply amazing what you discover each new day. I'm down to the last 80 or so days of my 365 and haven't decided what I'll do after that. It is a tough grind - more mental than anything. Some days you really wonder what the day will bring and then the magic happens !

Interesting shot for today - makes you stop and wonder how a tangle could have grown like this !

Keep it up !