True Love

Hate leaves ugly scars.
Love leaves beautiful ones.
~Mignon McLaughlin

Found this on a hike...
Being a tree hugger~
I can't advocate carving into them.

But this was kind of neat.
It must have been a true labor of love spending all that time whittling.
Now the tree has mended itself into a smooth heart scar.

I wonder if TS and EW are still together.



EG CameraGirl said...

My first thought were: I wonder if T.S. still loves E.W. I see you were thinking the same thing!

Rachel said...

I hope they are now TW and EW or TS and ET!!!! Scars are souvenirs you never loose.....I also can't advocate carving into a live tree like this, but I'm glad you took the picture.

Jamie said...

I'm a small town girl and marking trees with our love was pretty common, I'd think twice about it now, but still love walking past those trees and seeing a piece of history.

darlin said...

I had the same thoughts, now we're going to have to find out who this TS and EW are!

Jamie were your initials in one of those trees? And if they are... might you be with the one whose initials were carved with yours? :-)

Chas I love the quote and the photo, awesome!

Rick said...

Beautiful quote ! Truly a labour of love - hopefully not in vain. Maybe their love grew as the tree did around this carving. Nice subject Chas !

Leah C said...

A romantic gesture...wondering, too, if their love stood the test of time:)

Anonymous said...

I think they probably are... I have to be positive, right?

SouthernSass said...

I hope they are as well. Someone did a great job carving that and you caputured it beautifully!