I spent New Year's Day sleeping and sick on the couch.

Boy does that beat last year.

If you have been a follower since my old blog~
you may remember that last year on New Year's Day
I spent several hours in the ER hopped up on morphine
after a bad sledding accident.

It may sound ridiculous

but it's true.

My little girl was on the back of the sled....I was steering.

We were gaining speed incredibly fast when I realized
that we were on a solid sheet of ice

I couldn't steer or stop

and we were heading straight for a tree.

I was afraid to bail and not get my girl off safely.

It all happened so fast.

But believe me~
I can remember nearly every single detail of the day

and that is saying a lot for me

I ended up with a broken tailbone and a broken arm...
which is probably going to give me trouble the rest of my life.

But I'm not trying to be negative.

Quite the opposite.

I'm so so thankful that nothing bad happened to my Spunky girl.

I'm so thankful that I didn't wind up with a serious head injury

or worse.

It still shakes me to my core to think of the what ifs.

I love my family so much~

they are my reason.

my reason for always wanting to be a better person~
more patient
more loving
more compassionate.

my reason for smiling every day.

my reason for treasuring life.

I'm very very thankful.



Scott Law said...

Only sick this year, probably a built in defense mechanism to keep you in the house after last year's excitement. Hope you have a super 2011.

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

oh wow, glad your accident was not even more serious than that although that sounds scary enough! happy new year to you...hope this is a wonderful year for you!

Ruth Hiebert said...

In light of last year,being sick is not that bad.I do hope you are feeling better by now.

SouthernSass said...

Oh my goodness - you were VERY lucky! I'm sorry you were sick and hope that you are feeling better. Happy New Year!

Jamie said...

I'm glad your 2011 got off to a slightly better start than 2010

the wild raspberry said...

Me too. Very thankful.
Love you.

S. Etole said...

Thankful for you ...

Unknown said...

So happy that this New year is starting off a liitle better than last year for you..

I am so thankful I found your blog..


Cranberry Morning said...

Oh my. What a scary time that must have been. And it's true that some of those injuries do bother you for years. When I was young I was just going to jump into a chair when someone pulled it out from under me. My body still remembers that from time to time! sorry to hear you were sick, but at least you were safe in the house!

Lovely post about your family and all they mean to you.

I do think you had a great idea about giving Stollen to those who leave comments on my blog post. Dream on, girl!! LOL

sherri said...

sounds terrible. glad you survived it and your daughter wasn't hurt. i used to have a sled like that.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful post, and I sure hope you are feeling all better soon!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Chas, I remember when this happened, and I, too, am thankful that all turned out well for you.
You are such a good wife, mother, sister, friend.

Giving thanks for you...


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Thank GOD he had his hand on you both! Some might ask, then why was any bones broken at all? But I believe that everything happens for a reason!!!
My daughter & I were in a head on collision Halloween night 1999 & she had a couple scratches & I broke my right ankle, but my SUV was totaled... but it could have been sooooo much worse!!!
I'm so glad you're both alive & well! =)

Anonymous said...

ps - it was a drunk & drugged up driver that hit us driving on the wrong side of the highway doing approx 65mph... so yes, I know what you mean by Thankful!!! =)

Leah C said...

Whew...what a close call! Considering the "what-ifs" you were lucky indeed:) And isn't it those close calls that make the best reminders of what is really important? Wishing you & yours a year free of injury:)

jennyfreckles said...

Oh dear, if I was you I should resolve to stay in bed anyway on NY Day! That should keep you safe!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

You are, indeed, blessed, as I know the devasting and lasting effects a sledding accident can have. God Bless!

Rick said...

I've just been enjoying your winter wonderland series - very beautiful Chas !

I suppose compared to last year, 'only being sick' must seem a lot easier to take. Hope you're back on your feet. Also hope that Shauna's treatments are (still) going well.

Lisa said...

I loved reading your post about your family. Glad no one was hurt.
Still have Shauna in my Prayers and hope all is going better for you all.