The flowers of late winter and early spring
occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion
to their size.
~Gertrude Wister

This is what I am going to call a happy accident~

it is sooc~
no editing
no textures

I am not savvy enough to know how it happened
but I was very pleased when I came in and viewed what was captured.
Where did those ghostly diamonds come from?

Photography just amazes me.
Pure and simple.
{well....maybe not so simple}

I'm going to pretend that it happened by magic.
Don't try to convince me otherwise because today
it feels like magic could be possible.

These buds are from my beautiful dogwood out in the front lawn.

It was 76 degrees yesterday.

Probably a record breaker.

And it definitely stirred my spring fever to an all time high.



Scott Law said...

It doesn't take long to get spring fever with days and temperatures like that.

I am convinced that your BEAUTIFUL photo happened by pure magic - nothing else could explain it.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Magic will work and it is beautiful.

john bord said...

Spring fever is a good anti-dote to cabin fever.
I would say the photographer has a pretty good eye.

Rachel said...

Love it! The simplicity and crispness is great.

Brenda said...

What ever you did, do it again. Sharp, crisp picture. Don't you just love spring?

Naquillity said...

the weather has been warmer here too... mid 60s. it definitely makes one long for spring to arrive, :) your picture is a great capture. hope all is well. have a great weekend.

S. Etole said...

such a promising sight ...

Chastity Abbott said...

Your focusing is just beautiful on this image... lovely light and color too.
I love seeing new life budding after such a long, cold winter.

the wild raspberry said...

Beautiful, Chasity. I love this picture.

Love you,

Mary Lou said...

Great macro. I love buds. They give such hope.
Love your blog.

darlin said...

Your photo is stunning, very nice! I'm like you in the sense that I don't question how a photo comes out when I love it, I just love it for what it is.

76 degrees you say, WOW! That's our summer time weather here! lol We're sitting at -25c, it's back to the deep freeze for a bit longer but all for good reason I'd imagine... I'm looking for the reason though!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Justine said...

lucky you with those great temperatures and I love this glimpse of things to come, a lovely shot.

Unknown said...

your site is lovely!!Nice perspective on your shots, I really love the vintage feel.

Jan n Jer said...

Stunning shot!! You never know what the camera sees!

Unknown said...

Oh yes my friend.. This is a magical shot indeed.. I just love it.

Hugs, Linda

Leah C said...

It's a beautiful and magical photo!! Love it...and I love that sign of spring:)

SouthernSass said...

Its perfect! I love new buds and blooms that are cropping up. I have spring fever big time!

Traci said...

Such a simple but lovely image, Chas! And that must be magic, because I've never seen diamond shaped bokeh before! Enjoy the warmth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chas, hows are you and your family holding out? I went to Virginia to say good bye. So glad I did. Lori passed Friday night, peacefully with her family by her side. Thanks for the kind words. Peace be with you. AJ

Marcie said...

We have no signs of spring yet. This is so hopeful!

Rick said...

Hi Chas - I've been away from visiting blogs for a while; we've had a rash of company, with lots more to come (I guess that comes with the territory). I've spent some time again getting caught up on your blog.

This photo is a beauty and captures even more than what your eye saw through the lens (one of the wonders of photography).

I hope things are going well with Shauna, and that all of you are able to experience peace. God bless you all.

Kala said...

Beautiful buds! So good to see them again.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is just beautiful!

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

A little while back, I moved from Pictures Just Pictures to Message in a Milk Bottle


but failed to move you onto my new list of blogs I follow. I knew you'd 'gone missing' and have been racking my brains to remember the name of your blog (sorry!) and arrived here by chance through Weekend in Black and White - and as soon as I saw the barn in your header, I realised I had found this blog again.

When I moved to Message in a Milk Bottle, I began to let regular visitors know - but lost track of who I had told. Apologies.


P.S. It's horribly difficult to focus on buds etc. - they will waggle about in the slightest breeze. It may have been chance that this picture came out well - but came out well it did!

Mary Lou said...

I just found your comment on my photo..Wanted to let you know the red vine on the house is poison ivy!
Some people don't know that it turns red in the fall..Great to look but not touch!
thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...

You definitely got perfect lighting on that bud! Great job! I can't wait for the buds to start popping here. We're still covered in snow and ice.