Open Ended

I like to go on what I call Photo Drives.
Do you have these too?

I get in the car.
Cameras in tow.
Plenty of gas in the tank.

Some sort of drink in the holder.

Usually my girls are in the backseat.

My drive yesterday was alone.

It was a perfect weather day~
Partly sunny.
Indian summer.

Jamming to the beautiful harmony of the Avett Brothers.

I feel very lucky to be within a few minutes drive of being in the countryside.
Out where farmers give you the two finger steering wheel wave.
The universal sign for Hey there~ hope you have a nice day.

The windows were down.
The leaves were crunching under the tires.

Part of me felt completely happy and free.
Part of me felt miserably sad and torn.

I have this longing not to drive in the countryside.
But to live in the countryside.

A dream where there are chickens clucking in the yard.
A horse grazes in the field and swishes her tail at the flies.
Kittens peak from the barn door.

My girls can run and pick wildflowers...and gather eggs....
and wear muddy boots with their dresses.

I've never told this dream before.
Maybe I didn't realize how I wanted it until yesterday.



old barns


James said...

What a great looking old barn and it's so wide too. I love finding old buildings like this. The texture looks great. One of these days I'm going to try learning how to use them. :)

I was on a "photo drive" when I took barn photos on both of my blogs. It's been a while and I'm ready for another!

Anonymous said...

I most certainly know what you mean by 'Photo Drive' & I love it too, only I have some sort of music on in the background while chuggin' along! LoL!

This is a wonderful find and the texture is simply perfect for the shot

Thanks so much for participating

Neal said...

That is an interesting shot! It looks like a haunted barn. :)

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I just did one the other day. And although I would say I live in the country... what you're describing is really country. I want that, too.

Where we live - it's getting WAY TOO conjested. We'd get honked at for driving too slow on a windy backroad. Yeah... uhmmm.

the wild raspberry said...

I love this picture and love this post. And I love you!

Carletta said...

I actually took a photo drive today looking for some fall foliage.
Love the processing on the old barn image!
I love your dream too; especially 'wear muddy boots with their dresses.' That makes a sweet image.

S. Etole said...

love those drives ... and thankful I live in the type of area you are describing only without the chickens ...

darlin said...

Half the fun of being on a photo quest is the drive! I love your photo and here's a suggestion for you regarding wanting to live in the country, write down what you want and put it into a wish box. The country has so many positives yet there are a few drawbacks as I'm sure you're well aware of but the peace, the solace and the two finger wave are well worth the few drawbacks!

Have a fantastic Tues. Chas! :-)

Rachel said...

What a neat barn; great texture.

Anonymous said...

The image of your dream is stronger than the photo on the page. Makes me what to join you, to find that place where life is simple; a place where the greatest concern is whether to swing on the tire swing, or walk along the tree line that borders the north pasture.
I think we all have those kinds of dreams; some of us get to live them. Keep that place alive and you may find your self there some day. AJ

Justine said...

Isn't it funny, I live in the countryside and now long to live in a city! I should go on more photo drives as you see so much more. I love this shot, very dreamy.

Leah C said...

It's a beautiful barn and a beautiful post:) Your dream sounds like something out of a fairytale...wouldn't it be wonderful?! I hope it comes true for you:)

EG CameraGirl said...

I can relate to going on photo drives! Looks like you have a wonderful place to scour for wonderful old barns. I like this moody shot a LOT!

Unknown said...

I love to go on photo drives.. It is wonderful how much more I notice everything, even when I don't have my camera!

Your Barn shot is beautiful..

I hope you get your dream someday..

Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

I'm sure it was nice to ride alone, at least occasionally and yes I do that too. :) Usually mine involves parking somewhere and walking in the woods. :) I had that dream too, and we built a house on 5 acres and what I found was that it was annoying how far everything was away from us, but more than that it was costing us more for our water/sewer, even with a well, than it was in town, like 3-4 times more. :( So we are in the city once again.

Jeannette StG said...

Your photo is beautiful! Go for your dream...all the things you described!

Jamie said...

You pretty much described my perfect way to spend a weekend, camera, car, good music (Avett Brothers - a perfect choice) and lots of lovely things to capture photos of! Can't wait to see what else you found to photograph.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing old barn! I love your processing.

Day4plus said...

I love to go on just local road trips with my camera in tow.
This is a great barn ready to fold but hanging in there.
I did fulfill my country dream and my kids did do all you want your kids to do. And they had ponies that were their only friends--barn cats of course.
I never did find any of it a disadvantage and still many years later live this way.
Dream on and it will happen. MB

Tina said...

Beautiful barn...beautiful dream! Thanks for sharing both. Love you!

Judy said...

I do those kind of drives often. How can one call an old barn beautiful, but they are. Nice photo!

Rick said...

Your post really resonated. I do 'photo drives' all the time, when I'm not shooting around the yard, of course. I just call them 'photo shoots' and only our dog Sasha accompanies me - she has all the patience in the world and loves to go for a ride (to the point where we have to spell, not say, the word 'ride').

Keep working on the dream to live in the country - we did it years ago and have never looked back ! You couldn't pay me to live in the city, all cooped up like chickens ! ;-)

Great shot Chas and nice effects.